Foundations of Change

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The Art + Science Behind Successful Transformation

Today we expect leaders at all levels of an organization to deliver results under conditions of increasing change and uncertainty. However, many feel unprepared and ill-equipped to lead change.

In this self-paced online course, participants learn about the emerging Science of Change, including relevant neuroscience and human hardwiring in the context of change, the components of Kotter’s 8 Steps for Leading Change, and 4 Core Change Principles that must be in place to ensure successful change.

Core Content

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Neuroscience, Human Hardwiring, and Change

Building on Kotter’s most recent research, you will explore the implications of the brain’s Survive and Thrive Channels hardwired into all of us. You will then identify ways to mitigate Survive triggers for you and your team, and concrete leadership actions to activate Thrive and drive greater innovation, collaboration, and passion while executing change.

How to Build a Foundation for Successful Change

You will explore Kotter’s research-based 8 Steps for Leading Change and the 4 Core Change Principles. Leveraging the results of your individual Change Appraisal, you will study various implementation practices and build a customized tactics guide and action plan to execute your organizational change.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this experience, you will learn to:



Articulate how the emerging science of change impacts change efforts within their organization.

Speed to Market

Explain Kotter’s 8 Accelerators and 4 Change Leadership Principles.

New Product Development

Apply the core framework of effective change to their own change and identify ways to guarantee their success.

Areas of Expertise

While not an all-inclusive list, the strategies below represent the most common situations our clients face.

01. Strategy Execution

Mobilize people throughout the organization to break down barriers, solve problems, and inspire innovation.

02. Leadership Development

Provide the breadth and depth necessary to advance change capabilities up, down, and across organizations in a sustainable and scalable way.


Drive intentional culture change that starts with new actions, generates better results, and eventually produces an evolved culture.


Engage employees to uncover new ideas and the capacity to lead, innovate, and drive value for the customer and the business as a whole.

05. Merger + Acquisitions

Move the “how” of M&A integration to the top of the priority list – right next to the “what” – focus first on culture and people.

06. Digital Technology Transformation

Increase engagement, transparency, and excitement for the new technology to deliver the desired business impact.