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Proactive Change to Enable Quality Care

Pressure on the healthcare industry to control costs has never been greater, and that pressure will only continue to mount. Coupled with the necessity to adapt to the lasting impact of COVID-19 on employee well-being, infrastructure, and patient expectations, the enormity of challenges can present as a risk to providing care.

Whether your organization is looking to shift reimbursement models, shape a new culture, realize the value of a merger, or digitally transform, the healthcare organizations that will succeed at large-scale change need to focus on taking advantage of the opportunities in front of them by activating all employees. Kotter’s research-backed approach to encouraging more leadership and engagement from more people helps clients create a movement of leaders who act with urgency to shape the behaviors, structures, and processes that enhance value, quality of care, and resilient cultures.

Our Unique Approach

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Aligning around an opportunity

In response to external changesframe strategy activation as opportunities to deliver greater patient impact to inspire engagement, personal connection, and a desire to act.

Peer-to-peer engagement and ownership

Engage many, many more people in providing information/insights in both formulating and executing the strategy to create deep commitment to success.

Designing for patient outcomes

Articulating a compelling purpose in a healthcare setting is not hard but connecting employees’ personal “why” and day-to-day actions to the goals of patient outcomes and quality of care takes deliberate effort.

Scaling and sustaining innovation

Cross-functional sprint initiatives to generate fast results to test innovation and challenge traditional ways of working, with results and learnings shared and scaled across the organization.

Increasing transparency and trust

Leveraging leader-facilitated forums for feedback, concerns, and questions will increase intellectual and emotional buy-in for the change while enabling more leadership from more people in all functions and at all levels.

Healthcare Focus Areas

We work with Healthcare clients to accelerate the realization of their goals including:


M&A Integration

With a new merger or acquisition in healthcare seemingly occurring every day, it is easy for industry leaders to emphasize what they aim to achieve and overlook how they will achieve it. Led by an immediate focus on culture as an enabler of the desired business outcome, Kotter engages legacy groups to align around the promise of what is possible as a new organization, embedding new norms, behaviors, and management structures to support accelerated speed-to-value realization while reducing any negative impact on productivity or quality of care.

Digital Transformation

It is difficult to argue against the value case for increased interoperability between records systems and open-API patient software. And yet many investments in new technology fall short of achieving their ROI because caregivers have not been given a voice or a chance to see the value. Kotter combines grassroots engagement with a robust approach to impact assessments to create a movement that will empower action in support of adoption and an accelerated value realization.

Accelerating Innovation While Managing Cost

Meeting new patient expectations related to the speed and ease of digital services, telehealth, billing, and service providers will require transformation of core aspects of the healthcare industry’s identity. Kotter’s methodology, fused with our clients’ ingenuity, accelerates seemingly impossible results to be scaled across organizations while developing new skills that enable future innovation and change leadership.

Culture Change

The impacts of Covid-19 on healthcare employees accelerated the sad reality of burnout and psychological safety across the industry. Providers of all levels and fields understand now more than ever the support they require to care for patients and be their best selves. At Kotter, we know there is art and science to developing culture, and we apply our expertise to support clients as they identify, model, and celebrate the behaviors that will shape their new culture into an adaptive anchor of resiliency, agility, and safety.

Workforce Upskilling + Optimization

A shift towards more remote and hybrid work models for many healthcare employees presents an opportunity – if companies can adequately develop the leadership and digital skills of their people. Our approach to training blends experiential, action-based learning with tailored modules to drive results and develop a change-capable workforce that enables healthcare organizations to expand the talent pool, reallocate facilities for more clinical space, decrease operational costs, and so much more.

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Areas of Expertise

While not an all-inclusive list, the strategies below represent the most common situations our clients face.


Increase engagement, transparency, and excitement for the new technology to deliver the desired business impact.


Drive intentional culture change that starts with new actions, generates better results, and eventually produces an evolved culture.


Provide the breadth and depth necessary to advance change capabilities up, down, and across organizations in a sustainable and scalable way.


Engage employees to uncover new ideas and the capacity to lead, innovate, and drive value for the customer and the business as a whole.


Move the “how” of M&A integration to the top of the priority list – right next to the “what” – focus first on culture and people.

06. Strategy Execution

Mobilize people throughout the organization to break down barriers, solve problems, and inspire innovation.
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