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Empowering Innovation to Lead Education into the Future

The past two years have sped up an already increasing pace of change in education, with remote learning needs and budget constraints accelerating the imperative for digital transformation, workforce upskilling, and curriculum redesign. Many institutions struggle to balance the demands of these changes while meeting the needs of their faculty and current and future students.

The greatest challenge is perhaps what is most clear: the traditional model for educational organizations is increasingly incompatible with the need for increased flexibility and changing student expectations. Kotter’s expertise is in navigating a volatile and changing environment – leveraging our research and experience to help institutions drive meaningful change in a constantly shifting landscape.

Our Unique Approach

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Leadership’s behaviors and actions have a disproportionate impact on the organization’s change readiness. Kotter helps leaders become change agents that encourage the embracement of change, resulting in accelerated organizational change.

Creating a consortium of change partners

Kotter helps key stakeholders (faculty, administration, boards, trustees, students, etc.) get the work done in new ways, fostering connection, perspective, and understanding that enables stronger collaboration.

Celebrating wins

Kotter supports clients in building a robust strategy for identifying tangible wins that result from new actions and behaviors and promoting their success to a wide audience to reinforce changes and generate momentum.

Building a movement

Educational institutions have various stakeholders with different interests and needs. Building commitment and a sense of urgency for the change is most effective when supported by a peer-to-peer engagement strategy that helps build awareness, support, and buy-in.

Broad-based capability development to ensure a common language

By upskilling many more change leaders – expanding their capabilities through various learning and development programs – we provide depth and breadth of knowledge, skills, and real-world application.

Education Focus Areas

We work with Education clients to accelerate the realization of their goals including:


Innovation + Development – Without Sacrificing Quality

In a rapidly changing world, the cycle time at which curriculum ages is shrinking, which demands speed and innovation from faculty whose focus is student experience. Kotter works with clients to drive seemingly impossible, innovative results at unprecedented speed through cross-functional initiatives that facilitate new ways of working across silos.

Workforce Upskilling + Capability Development

Delivering value to students in this new age of education requires an investment in faculty’s skills as educators and leaders. Kotter’s approach to capability development blends experiential, action-based learning with tailored leadership development modules to enable agility to navigate the new demands of digital fluency and asynchronous delivery.

Digital Transformation

The rapid shift to remote and hybrid learning brought on by Covid-19 revealed the fraught digital infrastructure of many institutions. It also demonstrated that asynchronous/virtual learning presents an opportunity to increase enrollment and engagement, regardless of geography. By involving the full organization in the change process, Kotter helps clients create a movement to empower faculty to enable swift adoption and accelerate the value and impact of large-scale technology implementation.

Enrollment + Retention Through Student Centricity

Illuminating line-of-sight to the student as the “customer” to address rapid shifts in the way students consume information while meeting their expectations in educational institutions and ensuring student impact and instructional quality remain the focal point for all change initiatives.

Stakeholder Management & Engagement

Whether engaging students, staff, or your alumni/donor base, personalizing engagement efforts to build support for an initiative is imperative in today’s world. Kotter works with clients to foster connectivity across affinities and departments, helping you understand the wants, needs, and sentiment of your audience and navigate the dynamics of unions and tenure to develop strategies to meet people where they are and build a movement.

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Areas of Expertise

While not an all-inclusive list, the strategies below represent the most common situations our clients face.


Increase engagement, transparency, and excitement for the new technology to deliver the desired business impact.


Drive intentional culture change that starts with new actions, generates better results, and eventually produces an evolved culture.


Provide the breadth and depth necessary to advance change capabilities up, down, and across organizations in a sustainable and scalable way.


Engage employees to uncover new ideas and the capacity to lead, innovate, and drive value for the customer and the business as a whole.


Move the “how” of M&A integration to the top of the priority list – right next to the “what” – focus first on culture and people.

06. Strategy Execution

Mobilize people throughout the organization to break down barriers, solve problems, and inspire innovation.
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