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Developing people to be truly capable of leading change unearths both hidden individual talent and organizational potential, together resulting in a more innovative and adaptive culture. Kotter’s leadership development approach – which includes experiential and apprentice-style learning, leadership team facilitation, and educational courses and programs – can be used to help scale a change or strategic initiative, upskill leaders at all levels, or meet a unique need in your business with a learning solution that we co-create together.

Leadership Development Focus Areas

  • Enterprise Leadership Development
  • Leadership Team Effectiveness
  • Change Leadership Capability Building

Interested in leadership development courses for your team or organization? Kotter offers five courses based on Dr. Kotter’s research that can be delivered in-person or virtually.

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Building a Guiding Coalition for Change

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Building Change Capable Leaders

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Leading Through Crisis

The role of leaders is particularly important during times of uncertainty and crisis, because people look to authority figures to provide direction. Leaders have to not only provide this direction but do so in an empathetic manner that clearly demonstrates an understanding of the challenges whilst also projecting confidence about recovering from the crisis.

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Successful Teaming

Thriving Teams: How to Develop New Ways of Working

What do great teams do exceptionally well? We combed through mountains of research, talked to dozens of clients and reflected back on our experiences coaching hundreds of teams in diverse contexts develop new ways of working.

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Leadership Development

How Do I Become A Better Leader?

How does one become a better leader? The answer is more simple than you'd think: lead more. It is not skill, experience, position in the command chain, charisma or whatever they or others would say constrains leaders. It is simply the “not enough” that increasingly hurts their organization and their careers.

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Unusual Suspects

Great ideas can come from anyone, but are we listening?

A key ingredient to great leadership? Listening to voices from every level of your organization. Empowering people to share their ideas and allowing them to try new tactics will often lead to great success.

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Capability Building

Bold Moves, Exceptional Execution: Building Capacity to Weather Change

Whether you truly believe the pace of business is accelerating or not, it becomes more apparent each year that companies lacking the ability to weather and adapt to rapid change are suffering in comparison to their nimbler peers.

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