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Building Adaptable Organizations Through Intentional Culture Change

In today’s world of rapid change and global uncertainty, culture has more potential than ever to foster a collective sense of speed, agility, and innovation. Despite the recognition of the importance of culture, leaders struggle to create adaptable cultures – focusing only on defining and communicating the culture they want instead of encouraging the behaviors and actions needed to foster that culture.

Kotter knows that culture is more than simply the byproduct of a charismatic leader, inspiring speeches, or strong messaging; it is the pattern of behaviors that are reinforced by systems and people over time.

This creates conditions to surface unheard ideas and involves those underseen employees in the execution of those ideas to achieve breakthrough growth at unprecedented speeds. Kotter works with visionary leaders spanning diverse industries to mobilize their greatest asset, their people, to drive meaningful change.

Culture Change Focus Areas

We work with our clients to accelerate the realization of their culture change initiatives including:


Strategic Agility


Employee Engagement


Speed of Innovation


Customer Centricity


Quality Focus


Safety Focus


Culture Benchmarking

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Aligning around leveraging strengths and growth opportunities

Assessing and facilitating an honest dialogue around the prevalent cultural tenets – both those that enable success and that create barriers.

Celebrating wins

A robust strategy for identifying tangible wins that result from new actions and behaviors, promoting their success to a wide audience to reinforce changes and generate momentum.

Establishing a baseline for change

Using Kotter’s Culture Change Index and Organizational Network Analysis to establish a baseline for key adaptability measures, identify potential focus areas to drive impact, and discover key influencers to leverage in the work ahead.

Removing barriers that prevent new habits from becoming the “way we do things”

As new habits form, identifying ways to enable repetition and scale – evaluating and changing systems, processes, or behaviors that are inconsistent with the new ways of operating.

Leading with action and results

Coaching leaders on behaviors to role model while launching initiatives to embed desired cultural traits into daily operations, driving accelerated results related to culture and business impacts.

Areas of Expertise

While not an all-inclusive list, the strategies below represent the most common situations our clients face.

01. Strategy Execution

Mobilize people throughout the organization to break down barriers, solve problems, and inspire innovation.

02. Leadership Development

Provide the breadth and depth necessary to advance change capabilities up, down, and across organizations in a sustainable and scalable way.


Engage employees to uncover new ideas and the capacity to lead, innovate, and drive value for the customer and the business as a whole.

04. Merger + Acquisitions

Move the “how” of M&A integration to the top of the priority list – right next to the “what” – focus first on culture and people.

05. Digital Technology Transformation

Increase engagement, transparency, and excitement for the new technology to deliver the desired business impact.
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