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Our Foundation

The Science of Change

Kotter’s award-winning methodology is the proven approach to producing lasting change.

The Framework

Why do some organizations outperform others? Why do some individual managers and executives produce so much more? What allows individuals and enterprises to sustain high levels of performance over time?

These questions have fueled the career-spanning research that has made Dr. John Kotter the world’s foremost change expert. Everything we do is grounded in his academic work and honed in the field alongside our partners.

Our evolving research is founded on a deeper understanding of:

  • Effective strategies, principles, and tactics to lead complex change
  • The limitations of traditional organization structures
  • Human nature and our response to threats and opportunities
Survive + Thrive

The Human Hardwired Response to Change

Evolution has resulted in a two-channel system – Survive and Thrive – which influences how we respond to threats and opportunities.

The vast majority of people tend to seriously underestimate the power of our built-in survival instinct and how it can, inadvertently, overwhelm our capacity to see opportunities, innovate, adapt, lead, and change for the better.

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