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Kotter Change Certification Program:
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get certified?

A: You must comprehensively complete all six courses and pass each course exam to become Kotter Change Certified.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Each course can be completed in roughly 4-6 hours, with the full certification program taking approximately 30-35 hours to complete.

Q: What are the badges, and how can I use them?

A: Learners will earn completion badges for each of the six individual courses. Learners who complete the Change Certification Program will receive a certification badge. Each badge will have a unique tag issued through Credly as well as details highlighting the relevant levels of course/certification completion achieved. Badges can be showcased on professional profiles (e.g. LinkedIn), social media, as well as in email signatures.

Q: Is it entirely online? Is there an instructor or group?

A: There are several ways to complete the Kotter Change Certification Program. The web-based platform is self-paced, entirely online. Enrollment includes access to an exclusive Kotter Community of change leaders. We also offer instructor-led training both live, in person as well as virtual (remote).

Q: Can I take this program with my colleagues?

A: The web-based program itself is independent, although it includes access to an exclusive Kotter Community of change leaders, and learners can choose to take courses on parallel schedules and/or schedule cohort meetups. Learners enrolled in the live, instructor led training –both in-person or virtual– will be able to sign up and participate alongside colleagues. 

Q: Can my employer pay for this course?

A: Yes, the program is designed for both individuals or organizations. We offer bulk discounts to organizations, so please reach out to your relevant company representative to discuss organizational registration.

Q: Who should sign up for this program?

A: Anyone looking to develop, strengthen, and showcase their comprehension of Kotter’s change methodology, including: individuals seeking a certification badge as well as organizations looking to enhance their team’s change leadership skills and tools.

Q: What will I be learning?

A: Comprised of the six core Kotter change leadership courses, the Change Certification Program offers an intensive and comprehensive education into Kotter’s methodology and underlying frameworks. Click to learn more, including program details and course descriptions.

Q: What can I do with my certification?

A: Successfully completing all six courses and the accompanying exams certifies you as a Kotter Change Leader. By demonstrating your understanding of the tools and methodology provided, you’re certified to use them within your own work leading change.

Q: Will I be able to meet or learn from Dr. John Kotter himself?

A: Yes, John is featured as one of our course guides throughout the program.

Q: How long will I have to complete the course?

A: Learners will have 2 months to complete each individual course, and 12 months to complete the Change Certification Program.

Q: If I already completed Kotter training courses in person, do I have to retake the course, or can that count towards my certification?

A: The Change Certification Program includes the latest and greatest Kotter change curriculum. Your existing expertise and understanding of the curriculum will aid you in earning your certification, though you will still need to take each course exam to earn your certification badge.

Q: If I’ve already been working with Kotter or participated in Kotter training in the past, what more will I be learning?

A: You can expect to expand your knowledge and application of the Kotter framework more broadly within your organization. The courses and Certification Program provide dedicated time and space to Action Plan around influencing and accelerating the work. You will also be better equipped to think beyond the work today – to get ahead of how to sustain and scale your change work.

Q: What else do I get after earning certification?

A: Stay connected with our exclusive online community for Kotter change leaders and earn completion badges for each of the six courses, as well as an overall certification badge to be showcased on professional profiles (e.g. LinkedIn), social media, as well as email signatures.

Q: Is internet access required?

A: Yes, an internet connection is required to log in and view your online course. All courses offer a range of multimedia features, and we recommend that you have a good broadband or network connection for the optimal experience.

Q: Can I take the course on my tablet or smartphone?

A: Yes, our program is fully HTML5 compatible which means you can experience the course on your smartphone or tablet.

Q: What browsers are supported?

A: Current and recent releases of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft browsers are recommended across desktop and handheld devices.

Q: Is the program offered in multiple languages?

A: Right now the program is offered worldwide, but only in English. More languages are coming soon. Please provide us with any language requests and someone will get back to you when it’s available. 

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