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Our clients share a mindset more than a demographic. We unite in a common purpose to see more leadership from more people and make organizations – and ourselves – better day after day.

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The Profile of a Kotter Client

We work with a vast array of clients to successfully shape culture, drive transformation, and accelerate growth. Our clients share some common characteristics – they often find themselves stuck in a calcified or static industry but possess the vision to know that so much more is possible.

The sectors below represent just a snapshot of our experience. Connect with us to learn more about how we can help your organization.

“The human energy, the passion, the commitment that was unleashed through the Kotter model was absolutely unprecedented, and it completely transformed performance and quality to the point that regulators told us, ‘We do not recognize you. What have you done? It’s night and day – it’s a complete shift.’”

– Pharmaceutical Transformation Leader


Changing expectations from consumers, increasingly complex supply chains, and greater volatility has created an environment of constant change for the CPG industry. Kotter supports consumer products companies in engaging and empowering their people to identify trends, threats, and opportunities and drive business results with speed and agility.

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The availability of new digital tools, workforce upskilling, and innovations in curriculum and teaching methods create significant new opportunities and challenges for learning institutions. Kotter’s approach to change can alleviate pain points while enabling future-ready organizations to serve the evolving needs of students.

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In industries where success is enabled by process and predictability, the pressure to transform is particularly challenging. Companies in the energy space are responding to the changing landscape in a variety of ways – from digital transformations to mergers and acquisitions. We help clients engage their entire workforce in supporting the changes necessary to be successful now and in the future.

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The healthcare industry faces changes in the regulatory environment, increasing competitive pressures, and uncertainty in the external context – this has left many organizations fatigued and change of a massive scale is needed to address the many challenges across the industry. By rallying people around an opportunity, even in the wake of crisis, and promoting more leadership from more people, Kotter supports healthcare providers in their efforts to adapt to meet patient expectations and strengthen culture to enable their people to deliver care safely and effectively.

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Between supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and the continued impact of technology and automation, manufacturing companies have been dealing with significant challenges for quite some time. Kotter works with manufacturing clients to help transform their businesses by leveraging the talent within the workforce to achieve greater efficiency without sacrificing innovation. We work with companies to navigate complex change – whether it be capturing operational efficiencies, the adoption and use of digital and technology tools, post-merger integration, or a reorganization effort.

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Non-profit organizations are certainly not exempt from the increased complexity and change facing our world today. With an emphasis on digitization, shifting financial realities, employee well-being, and addressing the most pressing challenges facing our communities, organizations need to build their internal change capabilities. We work with non-profit organizations to thoughtfully and intentionally link together mission, strategic planning and prioritization, and execution.

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Pharmaceutical companies have recently demonstrated the resourcefulness to navigate unexpected, complex change. Still, data suggests the industry is falling short of capitalizing on modern discovery and technology. Kotter’s expertise and approach supports pharmaceutical companies in developing adaptable organizations that are able to move with agility, innovate at speed, and deliver breakthrough results.

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While public sector organizations are often thought of as slow to change, the reality is that government and public authorities have been responding to significant change in their environment. The pandemic has accelerated the move towards more digital and technology tools, and this – combined with changing service expectations – is creating a need for more adaptability in the private and public sector alike. Kotter works with public sector organizations to unleash the mission focused workforce in creating greater agility and change readiness.

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Technology companies are no strangers to change – even disruptive change. However, even an industry that is fast paced and used to change needs to find new ways to create greater adaptability and agility in response to the myriad and rapidly evolving external pressures. In working with technology companies, Kotter helps develop a level of change readiness and agility that establishes a clear competitive advantage in a fast-paced industry.

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