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While there is a place for incremental and continuous improvement efforts, that is not transformation. You don’t achieve transformation by tweaking what you’re already doing, and slow and expensive are two words that are increasingly unacceptable. Thus, the need to do things differently persists. Kotter’s approach convenes people from across the organization – not just the usual suspects – into laser-focused teams to move with urgency, speed, and creativity, challenging assumptions and breaking down long-standing barriers to achieve previously unimaginable business results.


Operational Efficiency Focus Areas

  • Cost Optimization
  • Value Realization
  • Turnaround
  • Restructuring
  • Operating Model Transformation
  • Supply Chain Excellence
  • Organizational Design
  • Organizational Effectiveness

Client Successes

Consumer Products

Achieving Supply Chain Excellence
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United States Military

Operating Model Transformation

Semiconductor Manufacturer

Amplified Value Realization
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Supply Chain

How Coty Reinvigorated Its Supply Chain

It can sometimes seem like magic when we get the right people together with the right attitude, motivated to work toward a common goal. The experiences of global beauty company Coty Inc., where one of us is Vice President Supply Chain, suggests this “magic” can be repeatable.

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There’s a Better Way to Restructure Your Organization

The financial results from restructuring are mixed and it is not entirely clear that restructuring efforts are necessary or helpful in many cases. However, there are situations where restructuring is necessary to regain competitiveness, set the business up for future success, or eliminate redundancy post-M&A.

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Silver Bullets Are Seductive But Unhelpful – Especially In Uncertain Times

New and popular management approaches and ideas can be very useful for businesses in keeping pace with the rate of change. However, beware of the frequency with which these ideas and concepts get replaced with a rigid methodology and tools.

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Beware Of Benchmarking And Best Practices

Can benchmarking and knowledge of best practices help organizations today? Yes, but with a number of very important caveats. For increasing numbers of enterprises, benchmarking and the execution of so-called best practices can get you into trouble.

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Watch: How Manufacturers Can Stay Ahead of the Automation Curve

Vanessa Akhtar, principal with management consultancy Kotter, offers advice for manufacturers on the right path to automation — one that includes human workers in the equation.

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