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Essential Change Toolkit

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Essential Change Toolkit

Removing Barriers to Enable Action

Barriers to change exist across systems and processes as well as culturally through mindsets, behaviors, and actions. Learn how to identify barriers to change – both the immediate and the persistent – and what you can do to remove those barriers so that you and others are empowered to act more effectively.

About This Course

When barriers get in the way of our change, it can often take us off guard and derail our progress. How many times have we looked back on a change effort and reflected, “If only I had seen that coming…?”

In this course, you will explore the most common barriers to change and the factors that influence them so you can more readily anticipate what might slow you down. You’ll then learn how to overcome those obstacles and inspire more action from more people to support your change.

Essential Change Toolkit was designed by the most seasoned Kotter experts. As part of the experience, you will uncover where you might encounter resistance, and then practice various tactics to address the obstacles created by people, systems, and processes.

This course includes an extensive collection of tools and resources that will help you remove barriers to change – today and in the future.

Core Content

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Who This Course Is For

Essential Change Toolkit is for anyone looking to acquire a robust set of tools and skills for navigating common roadblocks to change.

While not required, we recommend completing Foundations of Change prior to taking this course.

How Much Time You Can Expect to Invest

6 hours of total learning (including interactive activities, practical exercises, and reflection time).

What You’ll Learn

At the completion of this course, you can expect to:

Be able to describe the most likely sources and types of barriers and resistance to change
Understand the tools for removing barriers to change
Know how to create effective stakeholder engagement strategies
Be able to craft communication plans that broadly engage others in the change vision
Create conditions for expanding empowered action to accelerate key changes
Apply practices for equipping others to drive key changes and overcome structural and systemic barriers to change

Course Outline | Essential Change Toolkit is based on four core content modules:

Every change is met with inevitable roadblocks. The good news is that many of these obstacles are predictable, and all can be overcome. In this module, you will learn how to get ahead of the most common barriers to change, including influential team members who discourage action; critical gaps in skills or confidence; and structures and systems that prevent progress.

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It’s one thing to be able to recognize barriers to change, but identifying the problem does not solve it. In these modules, you will practice using specific tools that will help you to build support for your change and enable action, including:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Stakeholder engagement planning
  • Change impact analysis
  • Communications planning
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After the Course

Completion Badge

Upon successful completion of this course and your demonstration of understanding of the content, you will receive a verified badge that you can share on LinkedIn, in your email signature, and on your CV. Your badge will be unique to you and will be verified by Credly.

Community Access

Upon completion of Essential Change Toolkit, you will receive a complimentary 6-month subscription to the online Kotter Community, where you can access exclusive content and connect with other Kotter change practitioners, fellow Essential Change Toolkit participants, and Kotter experts.

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