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Foundations of Change

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The Art + Science Behind Successful Transformation

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Discover the Science of Change, including:

Our understanding of human nature and our response to threats and opportunities
The limitations of traditional organizational structures 
Kotter’s research on effective strategies, principles, and tactics for leading complex change

Learn how you can apply Kotter’s 8 Accelerators and 4 Change Principles to dramatically increase your chances of success as you lead change.

About This Course

Today we expect leaders at all levels of an organization to deliver results under conditions of increasing change, uncertainty, and complexity. However, many feel unprepared and ill-equipped to lead change.

In this course, you will learn about the Science of Change and how to apply it to changes you are leading today, those that may emerge in the future, or those you may participate in as part of a larger group or organization.

Foundations of Change was designed by the most seasoned Kotter experts. As part of the experience, you’ll hear directly from the master facilitators who lead our research and consulting engagements, as well as directly from some of our clients about their stories of leading change.

With the Science of Change and real-life stories as reference and an action plan as your guide, you’ll immediately practice applying what you’ve learned to your specific context.

Core Content

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Who This Course Is For

While Foundations of Change is ideal for mid-level managers and change leaders, it is equally relevant for more senior and more junior leaders. As a rich introduction to the fundamentals of the Kotter methodology, everyone can benefit from this essential course.

How Much Time You Can Expect to Invest

6 hours of total learning (including interactive activities, practical exercises, and reflection time).

What You’ll Learn

At the completion of this course, you can expect to:

Be able to articulate how the Science of Change impacts your personal change efforts or those within your organization
Have a new awareness and understanding of human hardwiring and how our natural Survive and Thrive channels manifest in the context of leading change
Be able to apply the language of Kotter’s 8 Accelerators and 4 Change Principles to your work
Understand how to apply the core framework of effective change to your own change and identify ways to increase your success

Course Outline | Foundations of Change is based on three core content modules:

Begin your journey by learning about the three elements of the Science of Change:

  1. Human nature, including human hardwiring and how the Survive and Thrive channels impact whether we embrace or resist change
  2. The design and limitations of the modern organization
  3. Proven strategies and principles for leading change
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Next, take a deep dive into Kotter’s Core Change Principles:

  • Management + Leadership
  • Head + Heart
  • Have to + Want to
  • Select Few + Diverse Many

Through interactive activities and practical exercises, you’ll learn how to apply these principles to create an environment where others are more engaged and open to change.

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Build on your understanding:

By learning how to apply the key success factors behind each of the 8 Accelerators to your own work, including the importance of articulating a Big Opportunity and:

  1. Creating a Sense of Urgency
  2. Building a Guiding Coalition
  3. Forming a Strategic Vision
  4. Enlisting a Volunteer Army
  5. Enabling Action by Removing Barriers
  6. Generating Short-Term Wins
  7. Sustaining Acceleration
  8. Instituting Change
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Kotter 8 Step Model for Leading Change

After the Course

Completion Badge

Upon successful completion of this course and your demonstration of understanding of the content, you will receive a verified badge that you can share on LinkedIn, in your email signature, and on your CV. Your badge will be unique to you and will be verified by Credly.

Community Access

Upon completion of Foundations of Change, you will receive a complimentary 6-month subscription to the online Kotter Community, where you can access exclusive content and connect with other Kotter change practitioners, fellow Foundations of Change participants, and Kotter experts.

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