The pandemic is changing everything

Even in the midst of a never-before-seen crisis and recession, there is a science to achieving hard-to-imagine business results. In this unprecedented context, you already have what you need to shape the next normal and transform: your people.

Learn what the post-recession winners know, and what they do differently to emerge better than before.


Emerging Thought Leadership

Kotter CEO, Rick Western, President of Consulting, Russell Raath, and Founder, John Kotter, preview two new articles designed to help you better weather the COVID-19 induced downturn, lead through a crisis, and learn more about what post-recession winners know and do.


History provides lessons and guidance on how we can make better decisions. That’s why some of the world’s best business schools build future leaders by reflecting on past cases and learning from the decisions made and actions taken. This presents a unique dilemma for us all: How do we take action to lead and emerge strongly from something that we (individually and collectively) have never experienced before?

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8 Recession Leadership Pitfalls:
How to Spot Them + Avoid Them To Come Out Stronger

8 Leadership Pitfalls eBook

The decisions you as a leader have to make during a recession will have a lasting impact on your organization and the people you lead. We have identified eight common leadership pitfalls, the steps you can take to avoid them, and examples of organizations who have done it. Download this eBook to discover how you can recession-proof your organization and come out stronger.

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