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Throughout Black History Month we featured articles that delved into topics of race and diversity. In his posts, Rod Walker shared his experience as a minority in the consulting sector and in the workplace at large, and discussed the importance of diversity on corporate boards. In her post, Vanessa Akhtar explores the Oscars, the continued lack of diversity amongst both nominees and recipients, and the resulting impact on the stories that get told in entertainment.

Young Minority Executives — What will be your legacy?

In this post on LinkedIn Pulse, Rod Walker shares his advice to young minority executives on the legacy they can build and offers helpful tips to get started on building that legacy. The first step to getting started? Decide what you want your legacy to be – today.

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The Oscars Gets It Wrong. You Don’t Have To.

The Academy is under fire (again) for its 2020 Oscar nominations and the blatant under-representation of women and people of color. Vanessa LoVerme Akhtar shares a few steps for organizations to take to avoid the same problems. For starters, invest in the recruitment of diverse candidates at all levels and functions.

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Will Goldman’s New Mandate Create A Board Diversity Movement?

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon announced that, starting this year, they will no longer help companies go public without at least one “diverse” board member. What does this mean and what impact will it have on the business world at large? Rod Walker takes a closer look.

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Minorities In Consulting – How To Overcome Workplace Barriers

In this article, Rod Walker shares why he went into consulting and why he believes it can be a terrific career path for minorities. That doesn’t mean, however, that it won’t be without barriers. Rod shares some of those challenges and how to overcome them in your career.

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