Together with our clients, we achieve blockbuster results faster than leaders believe possible: reinvigorating supply chains to save $134 million in 12 months, reducing turnaround time by 68%, exceeding revenue goals by $350 million (when a loss was projected), implementing SAP on budget and on schedule, successfully navigating mergers of former rivals, revolutionizing the customer experience…

And we are enormously proud to say the list goes on.


Our work is for everyone – from individuals to entire organizations.
We have many elements of engagement that are combined in a way that meets you where you are and takes you where you need to go.

Organization-Wide Transformation

Navigating M&A. Working through tumultuous leadership changes. Implementing new technology. Adapting to a new regulatory environment. Executing against a new strategy. None of this is possible without a movement, which takes very few people to start, yet many people to sustain. We show you how to mobilize hundreds, even thousands, of employees. The launch of an Urgency Team gives everyone in the organization permission to boldly work every day toward realizing the opportunity that defines the transformation.

The full application of Kotter’s 8-Step Process builds an engine within your organization – a network of teams that introduces a new way of thinking, a new way of getting things done. At first it may feel a little uncomfortable. Many new things do at first. But as your team builds a muscle for change, mindsets quickly shift and soon you can’t imagine working the way you once did. The new culture and results are sustainable.

Ready to prepare your organization to face any transformation?

With the purpose-based movement we have triggered, people from everywhere in the organization are co-creating the change, and they’re proud to do so. You see amazing natural leaders emerge from deep within the company. They’re bringing their colleagues with them. There’s a totally unprecedented amount of engagement and energy. This is a fantastic human asset for our culture and our performance.

Céline Schillinger / Head of Quality Innovation & Engagement, Sanofi Pasteur

Immediate, Focused Results

Do you have a pressing pain point, a threat you must turn into an opportunity, or a nut that has never been cracked? We partner with you to launch teams whose collective impact around a defined challenge generates quick wins and visible results. We call them Results Accelerators.

They operate in a highly agile, test-and-learn environment for approximately 90 days, brilliantly proving that bold change can actually happen here. Inspired by possibility and given real permission, often for the first time, people begin to think beyond today – daring to imagine what they will achieve together.

Learn what’s possible in 90 days.

What used to take six to nine months is now done at NB Power typically in 30 days. That wasn’t happening within the hierarchies before, so the dual operation or dual organization is helping us reach goals much faster than before and that frees people, that frees time and you can move on to another project, to another initiative.

Gaëtan Thomas / CEO, New Brunswick Power

visioning + strategic alignment

We hear it all the time, “We have a strategy, but people just aren’t connecting with it. They aren’t engaging. They aren’t owning it.” We are experts in bringing senior teams together and challenging them – in an unprecedented way – to think and communicate differently about a “North Star” for their organizations. What we call The Big Opportunity statement is a compelling, aspirational catalyst. It aligns your team around who they want to become together, and prompts others to raise their hands to help make it happen. Written in the hand of the leadership team, the ideas and the words that land on the page represent each individual as well as the collective, creating an extraordinary level of ownership.
It’s not a vision, it’s not a mission – it’s so much more.

Ready to align around a vision for the future?

In my 35-year career, I’ve never seen [anything like this] before. I’ve always been part of a change management initiative at major organizations and in a large scale way, and I haven’t seen this type of energy.

Semone Neuman / Executive Vice President, HMS

Tailored leadership development

Our toolkit of content and intellectual property can be constructed to meet your needs. Delivered at your organization, our customized leadership development can help scale a broader change or strategic initiative, upskill leaders at all levels through broad-based education, or meet a need unique to your business with a solution that we co-create together.

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I was blown away at the transformation of the group from the beginning of the day to the end.
I was so impressed by the strength of their shared vision, by how tightly aligned they became.

Greg Ratliff / Former Senior Program Officer, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


For decades, Dr. John Kotter has equipped people with tools and inspired them with stories. His work has prompted millions to think differently about how they show up as leaders and managers in seasons of change. We have a passion for helping those who believe change is possible within their organization. Whether you are an individual starting a movement or part of a change team, we have something to help.

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Kotter’s is a universally foundational methodology, over which many frameworks can lay and have their results amplified by the pure engagement Kotter’s approach drives.

Len Schlesinger / Babson College President, Emeritus



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