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There’s a science to change — and Kotter pioneered it.

Why do some organizations outperform others? Why do some individual managers and executives produce so much more? What allows individuals and enterprises to sustain high levels of performance over time?

These questions have fueled the career-spanning research that has made Dr. John Kotter the world’s foremost change expert. Our work is grounded in that empirical research conducted at Harvard Business School and honed in the field alongside our partners. Our work is about the science of change and the art unleashing the power of people in an organization to execute strategy in unprecedented ways. Why does this matter? Because our clients accomplish never-before-seen results faster than people believed possible.

The 8-Step Process for Leading Change

John Kotter’s book Leading Change introduced the 8-Step Process for Leading Change to the world for the first time. Years later, his HBR article and subsequent book by the same name, Accelerate, brought forth the evolution of the 8-Step Process introducing readers to the 8 Accelerators and the 4 Change Principles.

Both texts carried a bold message to readers: “You can lead change.”

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Kotter’s 4 Change Principles; Select Few + Diverse Many, ‘Have To’ + ‘Want To’, Head + Heart, and Leadership + Management are the mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors needed to drive change. When married with the 8 Accelerators, the structure, process, and sustainability engine for successful transformation comes to life.

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Kotter's is a universally foundational methodology, over which many frameworks can lay and have their results amplified by the pure engagement Kotter's approach drives.

Len Schlesinger / President Emeritus, Babson College


The world is changing faster than ever before. Many organizations struggle to respond to these changes quickly enough. In this video, Dr. Kotter introduces one reason why organizations struggle with major transformation, and what they can do about it.