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Sari Gibson

Director of Marketing

Sari brings over 15 years of business-to-business strategic marketing, branding, and communications experience to Kotter. In her most recent roles, she collaborated with multiple company business units, acting as a consultant to business leaders and sales executives in the manufacturing and insurance industries. Her responsibilities included creating and executing global strategic marketing plans, supporting internal marketing needs, and crafting innovative ways to strengthen profitable business growth and enhance customer experience.

Before joining Kotter, Sari was Director of Marketing & Training, Industrial Fire Products & Solutions at Carrier Group, Assistant Vice President, Middle Market Marketing at The Hanover Insurance Group, Vice President Marketing, Property & Specialty Lines at Liberty Mutual Insurance and Manager, Product & Market Development at FM Global.  She started her career in consumer marketing at Bose Corporation and The Learning Company. Sari earned her Bachelor of Science degree at Babson College with a dual major in Entrepreneurial Studies and Communications and a minor in Marketing.


Why did you decide to work at Kotter?

Kotter checked off all the boxes of my “ideal” next role: a small, mission-based company with a collaborative culture that makes a difference in the world.

What motivated you to pursue marketing as your chosen profession? 

I wanted a profession where I could exercise both my creative and analytic sides, and have a variety of skills and work experiences.  I love the mix of strategy, tactical execution, and measurement/refinement marketing offers.

What are your superpowers?

First and foremost, the ability to write so small that I can fit what most people put on the front and back of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper on a sticky note. I’m also able to project my voice to the back of an auditorium without a microphone (which comes in handy more often than you would imagine).

What’s got you thinking right now? (blogs/articles, books, podcasts, a great idea, something else)

As I’m absorbing Kotter’s methodologies and client success stories, I’ve started to think about my own personal change experiences at several large organizations. I’m noodling on the large numbers of leaders that don’t see a problem with their approach to change leadership or the outcome of their actions (or how critical employee engagement is to long-term success).  They don’t look for professional support because they don’t think they need it. That presents a rich and complex marketing opportunity! 

Share something about you that would most surprise people.

I’m an avid collector of the comic strip “PEANUTS,” and an active member of the Peanuts Collector Club.  Every two years, hundreds of collectors from around the world meet in Santa Rosa, CA where Schulz drew the strip. I coordinate all of the licensee auction donations and play the part of Vanna (think Wheel of Fortune) during the auction. Fun fact: the official “Snoopy” is a female former champion ice skater/dancer and actress. Any guesses?