Ricardo Pescod

Ricardo joins Kotter all the way from Lima Peru with a background in managing business operations in several capacities. Working with strategy and operations, Ricardo helped clients looking to improve their business to become more attractive to an M&A transaction, to digest acquisitions and to define strategic growth opportunities through acquisitions. This was particularly challenging as it required him to quickly gain a deep knowledge and understanding of both the operative and strategic aspects of each business. This experience enriched his learning about diverse businesses, their operations, markets and cultures. He has also facilitated regional M&A transactions in Central America.

At Kotter, Ricardo uses his strategic thinking skills with clients, leveraging his operations experience and knowledge to help organizations change and grow in ways that are new and disrupting for the Latin American region. This region is one of many contrasts: economic, social, education, gender. Kotter’s approach and methodology involves all levels of the organization in the transformation process. This allows Ricardo to play a more active role in the larger organizational and social transformation that is taking place in Latin America. Rethinking the way corporations work and breaking traditional paradigms.

Ricardo is based in Lima, Peru.