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Leslie Zemnick Følsgaard


Leslie is a team leader focused on developing the skills and know-how of those around her. Whether working with Hollywood stars, Heads of State, or Fortune 500 CEOs, Leslie brings the same solutions-oriented focus to her engagements. With a background in advertising, as well as running her own consulting practice, Leslie’s operational experience spans from on-the-ground, high-tech product launches in Cairo and Addis Ababa, to setting consistent ‘intentional culture’ in a corporate office launch expansion across the United States for a leading real-estate company.

Leslie enjoys learning about new industries while leveraging her unique combination of corporate experience and human capital development expertise. As a Senior Consultant for Kotter, Leslie is focused primarily on amplifying the internal strengths of her clients by employing the Kotter methodology to maximum effect. She has worked in North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe in sectors including Advertising, High-Tech, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Energy, Government, Cosmetics, and Real Estate.

Leslie is based out of Washington, DC and New York.


What are your superpowers? 

Unlocking the human potential that exists within all organizations and individual teams. I am often described as a “People Whisperer” by those who know me best.

What challenges do you most enjoy helping your clients solve?

I love unlocking the potential within an organization. From our Organizational Network Analysis, we uncover leaders that people turn to for inspiration, encouragement, and support. Typically, these people span all layers of the organization. I love highlighting unexpected leaders, allowing more voices to be heard, and crafting new opportunities.

Flashback to when you were 10 years old. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A spy! Inspired by Carmen Sandiego and Nancy Drew, I loved solving puzzles and making up mysteries with my cousins. I like to think my love of solving puzzles continues with current client work.

What’s got you thinking right now? 

We live in a world that is changing faster than ever, requiring leaders to react quickly to stay ahead of the curve. Governments and corporate leaders need to rethink, among many things, historic supply chain relationships and energy resources, ushering in an era where we begin the process of moving from Just in Time to Just in Case

Share something about you that would most surprise people.

I almost went to art school! I have a strong love for the arts, and a deep passion for painting, but eventually my love of math won the battle. While studying business administration, minoring in discrete methods mathematics and art studio, I stumbled into leadership development and operational excellence – and I couldn’t be happier.