Janani Ramachandran


Janani Ramachandran

Senior Consultant

As a senior consultant, Janani works alongside Kotter clients to execute on their ambitions to become significantly better leaders within successfully transformed organizations. Before joining KI, Janani spent the last ten years consulting with internal and external clients in various areas of both clinical and sales operations for multi-billion dollar enterprises. Projects include developing clinical guidelines for the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions, implementing the largest patient-centered medical home, executing multi-year business strategies, and administering a highly-customized Salesforce platform. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience, and a Master of Public Health (Epidemiology/Biostatistics), both from the University of Southern California.

Janani is based out of Richmond, VA.


Why did you decide to work at Kotter?

I have always been excited about assisting individuals and teams in embracing change. Throughout my career, I have been on various projects and panels that question the status quo and identify ways in which we can improve our mindset. Kotter has a proven and thoughtful approach to approaching complex change, which is supported by an incredible team of people with diverse business backgrounds.

What in your background helps you in this job?

Having worked within large organizations, I understand the complexities companies face in driving strategies and implementing change at a massive scale. I believe my experiences have given me the knowledge to practice true empathy towards individuals at all levels of an organization, especially as they brace themselves for long-term success in a quickly evolving global market.

If you weren’t working at Kotter, what would you be doing instead?

I would be doing similar work, but with smaller, non-profit organizations in my community in order to help them sustain their businesses. I am particularly passionate about organizations that operate to eradicate food insecurity, ameliorate animal welfare, and improve literacy for all ages.

What’s got you thinking right now?

How large organizations that have been operating successfully for decades will be able to effectively lead a new generation of the workforce that is questioning the way things have been always been done – will they be able to adapt quickly and effectively? What strategies will they explore?

Share something about you that would most surprise people.

I am an avid world traveler who is open to pretty much anything – I have gone cage diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa and I would do it again!