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Our content areas are designed to meet your organization or team’s unique needs. These sessions have been effective in building urgency for change across organizations, prompting mindset shifts, and enabling new behaviors. Participants from all levels of your organization leave the sessions ready to show up differently as leaders.

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The Fundamentals of Leading Change

Many leaders are unprepared and ill-equipped to lead change in times of increasing uncertainty. In The Fundamentals of Leading Change, you learn the foundations for successfully driving change, built on Dr. Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change and 4 Key Leadership Principles. You then explore, in depth, one critical aspect of this framework: creating a sense of urgency. You practice how to get and keep people on board and supporting change, learning the definition of true urgency – in contrast to false urgency and complacency – and how to build and maintain it in your own context.

This program is based on John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber’s best-selling book, Our Iceberg is Melting, and Dr. Kotter’s newest thinking in his book, Accelerate: Building Strategic Agility in a Faster Moving World.

Seizing Leadership Opportunities

Leadership and management are often defined in similar terms, despite the fact that they require significantly different behaviors. Leadership is regarded by many as purely positional. With this mindset, few employees get the opportunity to build their leadership skills, contributing to underperformance. In Seizing Leadership Opportunities (in a Management World), you will learn how to drive change by increasing your leadership behaviors, while balancing the perspectives and practices of a manager. You will learn the specific leadership skills necessary to motivate change – engaging both peoples’ hearts and minds – and practice how to identify and act on your leadership opportunities.

This program is based on decades of research and writing by Dr. John Kotter on the difference between leadership and management.

Buy-in: Advancing Your Idea

So, you believe in a good idea. You’re convinced it is needed badly, and needed now. But, you can’t make it happen on your own. You need support in order to implement it and make things better. You present the plan and you present it well. Then, along with thoughtful issues being raised, come the confounding questions, inane comments, and verbal bullets – either directly at you or, even worse, behind your back. What do you do? The method for gaining buy-in taught in Buy-In: Advancing Your Idea or Initiative is counterintuitive. You learn the advantages of walking into the fray, showing respect for all, and applying well-prepared tactics to build the support – even advocacy – necessary to launch and deliver on your innovation.

This program is based on Dr. John Kotter and Lorne A. Whitehead’s best-selling book, Buy-In.

Power of Influence

How do you bridge the “power gap” – exercising the power and influence you need to get things done through others when your responsibilities exceed your formal authority? Dr. Kotter has been studying the effect of power and influence in business for 40 years. He shared his findings in one of the most popular classes in the history of Harvard Business School. Power of Influence converts the research and teachings into a learning experience designed to equip participants with the influence skills that are central to leading today – navigating relationships up, down and across the organization.

This program is based on John Kotter’s book, Power and Influence: Beyond Formal Authority.

Leading Wins

What are wins? Wins are the molecules of results. They’re the proof of progress.  Some wins are big, some are small – all wins are motivators. Highly successful teams intentionally capture and share wins as a core component of their daily work. But how many teams are truly highly successful? In Leading Wins you learn a framework to build and lead teams who discover and generate wins, reducing resistance to change efforts. Doing so creates a culture where people are excited to show up, communicate their successes, and celebrate the power of their collective impact.

This program is based on Dr. Kotter’s decades of research on short-term wins and Kotter’s direct work with hundreds of organizations navigating change.