Every organization faces the challenge of accelerating change.

We turn that challenge into an opportunity.

Kotter helps organizations mobilize their people to achieve unimaginable results at unprecedented speed. Our pragmatic approaches to accelerating your strategy yield quantitative and qualitative results quickly in areas ranging from cost efficiencies, innovation, growth, culture, to digital transformation – opportunities that inherently demand change, despite what can seem like impenetrable barriers.


Most executives see the growth potential in their organization. But the common denominator for achieving growth is not tools or technologies, though those can certainly be enablers. The most effective lever is people. By including many people within the organization beyond the C-suite, Kotter works with organizations to clarify strategy, deepen alignment, and sharpen organizational focus all to activate your most important asset, your people. This creates conditions to surface unheard ideas and involve those underseen employees in the execution of those ideas to achieve breakthrough growth at unprecedented speeds.

Growth Plan Realization Focus Areas

  • Increased EBITDA
  • Speed to Market
  • New Product Development
  • Demand Surge Response
  • Sales Effectiveness

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The typical formula for a merger or acquisition involves spending 90% of invested time and resources on what needs to get done and only 10% on how those things will get done. And far more than half of these deals destroy value instead of create it. We know that the ratio must be reversed to go beyond the mere achievement of synergy targets to the realization of building an organization that’s greater than the sum of its parts. By focusing on the how, we link the often overlooked integration of culture to the business results envisioned but seldom achieved.

Whether you’re in the early stages of assessing a deal, or falling short of the value you expected from a previous acquisition, Kotter’s approach to integration can help accelerate and amplify the results promised.

M&A Integration Focus Areas

  • Cultural Due Diligence
  • Cultural Alignment
  • Business Case Realization
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Organizational Design & Effectiveness
  • Post-deal Risk Mitigation

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Research continues to show that the strength and adaptability of your culture is a competitive advantage. Evolving your culture in which your people are always well prepared for change – large and small – positions you ahead of the curve when that change is suddenly thrust upon you.

Whether your goal is to be a “Best Place To Work” or to increase your speed of innovation, Kotter works with you to build an adaptive, flexible, and agile culture that delivers business results every single day, even during the worst of times.

Culture Change Focus Areas

  • Strategic Agility
  • Broad-Based Employee Engagement
  • Speed of Innovation
  • Customer/ Patient Centricity
  • Quality/ Safety Focus
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • Culture Benchmarking



Technology transformations, at their core, are people transformations. Many investments in new technologies never achieve their ROI simply because the people who use the technology aren’t invested enough to change their ways of working. “Change” is then tagged onto the end when it really needs to lead the way. While an implementation partner will do everything to make sure the technology turns on when it’s time to go live (configuring systems, training users, etc), Kotter’s role is to get employees clamoring for the new technology before it even rolls out – ready to use it to enable better business results.

Digital + Technology Transformation Focus Areas

  • Systems Implementation
  • Social Network Amplification
  • New Process / Technology Adoption
  • Agile at Scale

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While there is a place for incremental and continuous improvement efforts, that is not transformation. You don’t achieve transformation by tweaking what you’re already doing, and slow and expensive are two words that are increasingly unacceptable. Thus, the need to do things differently persists. Kotter’s approach convenes people from across the organization – not just the usual suspects – into laser-focused teams to move with urgency, speed, and creativity, challenging assumptions and breaking down long-standing barriers to achieve previously unimaginable business results.

Operational Efficiency Focus Areas

  • Cost Optimization / Value Realization
  • Turnaround + Restructuring
  • Operating Model Transformation
  • Supply Chain Excellence
  • Organizational Design & Effectiveness

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Based on Dr. John Kotter’s Harvard-based research, our leadership development solutions have been effective in building urgency for change across organizations, prompting mindset shifts, and enabling new behaviors.

Developing people to be truly capable of leading change unearths both hidden individual talent and organizational potential, together resulting in a more innovative and adaptive culture. Kotter’s leadership development approach – which includes experiential and apprentice-style learning, leadership team facilitation, and educational courses and programs – can be used to help scale a change or strategic initiative, upskill leaders at all levels, or meet a unique need in your business with a learning solution that we co-create together.

Leadership Development Focus Areas

  • Enterprise Leadership Development
  • Leadership Team Effectiveness
  • Change Leadership Capability Building

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