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The typical formula for a merger or acquisition involves spending 90% of invested time and resources on what needs to get done and only 10% on how those things will get done. And far more than half of these deals destroy value instead of create it. We know that the ratio must be reversed to go beyond the mere achievement of synergy targets to the realization of building an organization that’s greater than the sum of its parts. By focusing on the how, we link the often overlooked integration of culture to the business results envisioned but seldom achieved.

Whether you’re in the early stages of assessing a deal, or falling short of the value you expected from a previous acquisition, Kotter’s approach to integration can help accelerate and amplify the results promised.

Merger + Acquisition Integration Focus Areas

  • Cultural Due Diligence
  • Cultural Alignment
  • Business Case Realization
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Organizational Design & Effectiveness
  • Post-deal Risk Mitigation


Learn more about Kotter’s Merger + Acquisition Integration by downloading our M&A Checklist Here.

Client Successes

Healthcare Technology Company

Post-Merger Integration at Last

Sales Organization

Successful Culture Integration

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Whether you’re embarking on a new merger or acquisition, are in the middle of the transition, or are looking to realize value from one that has transpired, Kotter can help. Reach out to discuss your needs today.


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