growth plan realization

Growth Plan Realization

Global Pharmaceutical

After several tepid product launches, executives for a U.S.-based division of a large Japanese drug company with 2500 employees and $2 billion in annual revenue were forecasting a $150MM shortfall with the imminent loss of patent exclusivity on a number of key brands. However, if they could get two key products to market faster than competitors they stood to significantly increase revenues, profits, and customer satisfaction.

Kotter was hired to help them get there through an infusion of agility, leadership and flexibility. The objective was clear – accelerate the formation of a system to capitalize on drug launches in a way few pharmaceuticals ever had before. Together we developed a different way of operating that overhauled the way they brought new drugs to market, demystifying several compliance processes that were essential. New ways of collaborating emerged. People were developed – thoughtfully and deliberately. Permission to test bold thinking was given as unprofitable activities and products were purged. Building this new muscle paved the way for them to become the most customer-respected and profitable company in their industry.


organizational growth since beginning work with Kotter


increase in profitability during the tenure of our engagement


year named a Forbes “Best Places to Work” following a sharp rise in employee engagement


percent of annual revenue plan achieved when a loss was projected

Through our work with Kotter, we have come to understand the importance of collaboration and commitment to accelerate the rate of change. We have seen the tangible benefits within our company, as well as many other organizations.

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