Cost management challenges often send organizations looking to trim costs in predictable ways. Leaders comb through budgets, take measures to enhance efficiencies, and strategize around the best use of resources. For Coty Inc., a global beauty products company based in Europe with 12,000 employees, attacking this low hanging fruit moved the needle — but not enough. Daryl McCall, the new EVP for operations, was responsible for improving the supply chain. He and his team knew that more sweeping change was needed to realize Coty’s goals in the wake of rapid expansion. So they called us.


volunteers in the change effort


wins saving time and money recorded in 300 days

$39 million

saved from supply chain costs in the first year

111 tons

of C02 emissions reduced per year

The Kotter team engaged Coty’s employees faster than believed possible, giving them explicit permission to take risks and make change happen. After three weeks of planning and three weeks of execution, more than 2,000 employees volunteered to take action. It was described as magic — the right people, brought together with the same raised hands and “want to” attitude, arm-in-arm to achieve something big. And their impact was big. 39 million dollars was shaved off their supply chain costs that first year. Over 400 wins were documented in the first 300 days – wins that saved time and money, unleashing ideas and creativity that had been never before been voiced. Especially extraordinary was how these wins were shared and celebrated from the very top of the organization. By giving their successes a stage, improvements spread organically from line-to-line and from plant-to-plant. Operational savings multiplied while the incremental investment was reduced. The magic proved repeatable.

They generated passion that translated into palpable energy. That combined with the sincerity, support, and enthusiasm of the Kotter team made this a unique experience. On a more personal level, I’m a different employee and person now than I was a year ago.

front-line employee / coty