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Buy In, a book by Dr. John Kotter & Lorne A Whitehead


by Dr. John Kotter and Lorne A. Whitehead

This is not a book about persuasion and communication in general, or even about all the useful methods people use to create buy-in. Instead, Dr. Kotter offers a single method that can be unusually powerful in building strong support for a good idea. We have seen that this approach can not only keep good ideas from getting shot down, but can actually turn attacks to your advantage, capturing busy peoples’ attention to help them grasp an idea, and ultimately building strong buy-in.

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“John Kotter has done it again! With coauthor Lorne Whitehead, he offers extremely savvy advice for innovators and managers on how to sell your ideas. Buy-In is packed with practical insights and useful techniques.”

Bill GeorgeProfessor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School, and author, True North

In research and education– just as in business– progress is often delayed not by a shortage of good ideas, but rather because people aren’t convinced to adopt them. This book will help everyone promote the good ideas that deserve success.”

Maria KlawePresident, Harvey Mudd College