Allison Todd


Allison helps clients accelerate their strategies to implement large-scale change. Prior to joining Kotter International, she managed executive relationships, confidential negotiations, and data collection and assimilation for large organizations. She has extensive experience working in both government and commercial settings, managing the negotiation and execution contracts, and serving as the link to bring different sectors together to facilitate communication and productivity. She graduated magna cum laude in the honors college of Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a minor in Dance.

Allison is based out of the Seattle, WA office.

If you weren’t working at Kotter, what would you be doing instead?

If I wasn’t working at Kotter I would like to do something that helps people have a better quality of life. I love that my work at Kotter International allows me to help individuals be better leaders and, in turn, enjoy the many hours they spend working and let those skills overflow into their personal lives. I get extra energy and joy every time I receive an email/note/video from a client thanking me for changing their life.

What challenges do you most enjoy helping your clients solve?

I most enjoy helping clients solve challenges around employee engagement. A company can accomplish more than they thought possible when their workforce is truly engaged. Engaged employees are happier in all aspects of their lives. Hearing employees tell a manager thank you for allowing me to do more work that is strategic to the business is music to my ears. Everyone deserves a work environment where they feel valued. I love helping to make that a reality.

What in your background helps you in this job?

One may not think that teaching dance to children can relate to management consulting, but I use those skills constantly. You use similar techniques to teach new skills to anyone. Learning a dance step or learning principles to become a better leader can be equally challenging.

What’s got you thinking right now?

How will Artificial Intelligence and other technology change the business landscape? Change is constant and always increasing, especially with technology. How to harness the power of technology changes to help people better perform their jobs? How do you use AI not to eliminate jobs, but allow people to do so much more.

Share something about you that would most surprise people.

I may not be a great cook, but I love to do it. Spending hours in the kitchen preparing a beautiful and delicious meal for my loved ones brings me so much joy. I find the act of cooking to be meditative. Knowing that people enjoyed the meal and felt cared for makes the extra effort more than worth it.