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Most executives see the growth potential in their organization. But the common denominator for achieving growth is not tools or technologies, though those can certainly be enablers. The most effective lever is people. By including many people within the organization beyond the C-suite, Kotter works with organizations to clarify strategy, deepen alignment, and sharpen organizational focus all to activate your most important asset, your people. This creates conditions to surface unheard ideas and involve those underseen employees in the execution of those ideas to achieve breakthrough growth at unprecedented speeds.


Growth Plan Realization Focus Areas

  • Increased EBITDA
  • Speed to Market
  • New Product Development
  • Demand Surge Response
  • Sales Effectiveness

Client Successes

Global Pharmaceutical

Accelerating Speed to Market

Global Manufacturer

Adapting to Constant Change
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Kotter works with visionary leaders spanning diverse industries to mobilize their greatest asset, their people, to drive meaningful change. Reach out to Kotter to start realizing your growth plan today.

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How Past Successes Can Limit Your Growth Potential

Your previous success may be limiting your growth. How do you realize that a pivot is needed and make the difficult decision to abandon what has made you successful in the past?

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Looking Beyond The Usual Suspects: An Evolved Leadership Perspective

When transforming your organization, it can be easy to rely on your 'usual suspects.' Yet, to achieve growth and transform you'll need to engage many people – and at all levels.

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Accelerating In A Paralyzed Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic created a dichotomy in many organizations. Some employees are working overtime and others can't do their jobs remotely. How can leaders engage these underutilized employees?

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'Give Me Two Hours, And I Can Cut $250M'

How can a company limit unnecessary layoffs and preserve employee engagement, while also cutting costs to safeguard against an economic downturn? By engaging the excellent talent they already have.

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