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Technology transformations, at their core, are people transformations. Many investments in new technologies never achieve their ROI simply because the people who use the technology aren’t invested enough to change their ways of working. “Change” is then tagged onto the end when it really needs to lead the way. While an implementation partner will do everything to make sure the technology turns on when it’s time to go live (configuring systems, training users, etc), Kotter’s role is to get employees clamoring for the new technology before it even rolls out – ready to use it to enable better business results.


Digital + Technology Transformation Focus Areas

  • Systems Implementation
  • Social Network Amplification
  • New Process Adoption
  • New Technology Adoption
  • Agile at Scale

Client Successes

Fortune 10 IT Organization

Agile at Scale
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European Utility

Systems Implementation Triumph
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Tech Adoption

Leveraging New Technology Adoption as a Competitive Advantage

If you are convinced that now is the time to rethink your business's digital offerings and tools, you are not alone. Here are three pitfalls to avoid as you embark on your transformation effort to integrate new technology into your business.

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How Do CIOs Lead a Successful Tech Implementation?

The CIO’s role is less about the software, the servers, the networking tools and the IT infrastructure than it is about business strategy execution and leadership skills, Kathy Gersch says in a guest column for CIO Journal.

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Tech Adoption

2 Things That Need to Happen for Driverless Cars to Go Mainstream

With the adoption of any new technology, establishing trust with end-users is table stakes. Eric Ellis speaks to complex organizational transformations and what must happen to create the behavioral change that makes the adoption of new technologies successful.

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Energy & utility leaders: How to transform with little to no room for error

A large multi-national utility provider discovered significant implementation challenges, due to the level of risk, first-hand when they attempted a technology transformation a few years ago.

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Tech Adoption

Embracing Technology: Higher Education of the Future

Higher education is much the same today as it has been for generations. Just as technology is shifting the status quo across industries, digital advancements are calling for greater transformation in the field of higher education.

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