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Lead Change Better

Change Training for Individuals

Self-paced, online, on-demand courses and Change Certification Program.

Building Change-Capable Leaders

Our brand new self-paced online learning is a convenient way for individuals to experience Kotter’s change training.

Developed specifically for current and future change leaders, the content mirrors Kotter’s in-person courses and is delivered by Kotter experts using interactive online tools.


Comprised of the full suite of Kotter change leadership courses, the Kotter Change Certification Program offers an intensive and comprehensive education into Kotter’s methodology and underlying frameworks.

Register now at the Certification Program price and gain access to each course as it becomes available.

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As new courses are released, register and complete all 6 Kotter courses.

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Congratulations! You’ve completed the Kotter Change Certification Program!

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The Art + Science Behind Successful Transformation

Discover the Science of Change, including:

  • our understanding of human nature and our response to threats and opportunities
  • the limitations of traditional organizational structures
  • Kotter’s research on effective strategies, principles, and tactics for leading complex change

Learn how you can apply our 8 Accelerators and 4 Core Change Principles to dramatically increase your chances of success as you lead change.

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Igniting Urgency + Building a Guiding Coalition

A Sense of Urgency is arguably the most critical – and often under-leveraged – ingredient in both inspiring and sustaining change. Learn how to create true urgency, and practice how to keep people on board and energized about your change. Then explore how to identify, recruit, engage, and equip a set of people to serve as your Guiding Coalition – spearheading the coordination of efforts over the course of your change.

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Shaping a Vision + Gaining Buy-In

How do you paint a compelling picture of the future, and how do you help people see what will need to be done in order to make that vision a reality? Most importantly, how do you get them bought into this vision so they are inspired to help?

Learn how to craft an inspiring vision, and practice techniques that will allow you to win over even the biggest skeptics by more effectively navigating the objections they throw at you.

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Removing Barriers to Enable Action

Barriers to change exist across systems and processes as well as culturally through mindsets, behaviors, and actions. Learn how to identify barriers to change – both the immediate and the persistent – and what you can do to remove those barriers so that you and others are empowered to act more effectively.

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Generating Wins to Demonstrate Progress

Wins are the molecules of success – the proof points of progress. Learn how to build momentum around, reinforce, and sustain change through the practice of generating, discovering, communicating, and celebrating wins. Discover why wins are so important and how to use them to accelerate and embed your change.

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Ensuring Sustainable Implementation

Change requires constant reinforcement and support in order to be sustained and fully embedded. Learn how to assess the progress of your transformation, analyze where you are (and how much further you still need to go), and evaluate your systems and processes to ensure they reinforce – and do not detract from – the transformed organization. Leverage the power of storytelling and case studies to institute your change.

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